Installation Instructions


The stickers are made of vinyl, and have a two piece cover.  They have a top cover that protects the sticker and keeps the letters aligned for installation, and a rear cover that protects the sticky side of the sticker. Below are the steps to correctly install your new DSM Racing Sticker.

  1. Carefully clean the windshield with a cleaner like Windex

  2. Select the location of the installation

  3. Use several pieces of masking tape to secure the sticker in the correct location (the four corners, and two just off center on the top and bottom)

  4. Lift half the sticker off the windshield (making sure to keep it's original orientation)

  5. Peel the backing off the half of the sticker you have raised and rip it off

  6. Slowly, using a plastic scraper or similar object, work the sticker onto the windshield from the center out preventing bubbles to get under the sticker material.

  7. Lift the other half of the sticker now and peel the backing, following the instructions in step 7 to finish the installation


Once you have the sticker installed (while the front cover is still attached to the sticker), use the scraper to make sure the sticker is firmly attached to the windshield.  Then slowly remove the top cover keeping the cover bent completely over and as close to the windshield as possible to keep any "upward" pressure off the sticker.